heat transfers

Perfect for small batches and vibrant, full-color designs on promotional apparel, this method is ideal for quick turnarounds, offering same-day or next-day delivery services.

Screen transfer printing brings your designs to life with brighter, sharper images, crisp small texts, and clear details. A significant benefit of this technique is the ability to quality check and adjust the imprint before application.

Using a heated press, we expertly transfer your logo or image onto the desired product. This method is versatile, working beautifully on textiles, paper, and various other materials

Screen transfers

Digital printed transfers

Heat pressing service

Screen transfers, a versatile textile printing method, involve creating designs on a separate medium, like paper, using screen printing techniques.
These designs are then transferred onto fabric through heat application.

They’re used for clothing, accessories, and promotional items, providing a cost-effective way to achieve professional-looking results with reduced setup time.
However, the design flexibility may be limited compared to direct screen printing.

The process combines the flexibility of screen printing with the convenience of heat transfers. It’s ideal for intricate designs, small production runs, and multi-color prints. Screen transfers offer vibrant colors, excellent detail, and durability.


    1. Only cut films (of various colors, thicknesses): involve cutting only the desired outline, removing excess material, and pressing onto textiles.
    2. Print & cut films (matte/glossy white or transparent): are printed with the desired graphic/logo, then cut along the outline. A transfer film is necessary to lift the logo from the support film before pressing it onto the fabric.