Embroidery involves the tangible act of stitching a logo onto a garment using threads of various colors.

This method allows you to highlight texts, images, logos on a textile surface that can be both smooth and straight or uneven and embellished.

Our capabilities encompass a wide array of embroidery styles, including metallic, three-dimensional, applique, and the traditional two-dimensional approach.

Using state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery machines, we can guarantee a durable and high quality imprint.

Why choose it? 

Elegantly professional appearance: The end product exudes a sophisticated and professional aesthetic, serving as an excellent tool to elevate your company’s brand identity.

Long-lasting endurance: Embroidery maintains its vibrant colors and sharpness, ensuring your branding remains striking and enduring over time.

Bursting with color: Ideal for intricate designs demanding a multitude of hues, our embroidery process accommodates up to 14 colors within a single logo, resulting in vivid and captivating visuals.

Remarkable versatility: Enjoy the freedom to personalize your embroidered attire according to your preferences. Our diverse array of frames enables embroidery on a wide range of products, with varying positions and sizes.

Crafted to perfection: Our embroidery expertise ensures meticulous detailing and precision, turning your branding into a refined and distinctive statement on any product.

Flat embroidery

3D embroidery


Flat embroidery is a method of personalizing textiles using needle and thread to create designs directly on the fabric’s surface.

This technique offers intricate detailing, durability, and a tactile feel. Ideal for logos, names, and designs, flat embroidery adds a professional, textured touch to garments, accessories, and other fabric items.

Tatami embroidery is a form of textured stitching used for textile personalization. It creates a raised, padded effect by densely stitching threads in a grid-like pattern.

This technique adds dimension, depth, and a luxurious touch to logos, monograms, and designs. Tatami embroidery brings a unique tactile and visual element to customized fabrics and products.

3D embroidery enhances textile personalization with raised stitching, giving designs a three-dimensional effect.

It involves layering foam or padding beneath the embroidery for added depth and texture.

Ideal for logos, initials, and bold designs, 3D embroidery provides a standout and tactile customization option on clothing, accessories, and more.

Patch embroidery involves creating separate fabric pieces with designs, then stitching or adhering them onto textiles. This versatile technique offers removable personalization and branding.

Patches can feature logos, art, or messages, making them a dynamic way to customize clothing, bags, and accessories while adding texture and style.

Openwork embroidery: Utilising transparent sections, this method excellently fills substantial spaces with captivating visual impact. Employing contrasting thread on the fabric is advisable for optimal results.

Complex fill embroidery: Numerous stitching patterns exist to provide exclusive textures for your fills.

 Embroidery & Applique: Blending multiple decoration techniques for intriguing and distinctive design effects.

The classics: Rayon viscose, Polyester, Economy rayon, Sewing Thread, Invisible thread

Effects: Matt, Metallised, Reflective, Wool effect

Special: Fire resistant, High conductive, Glow in the dark

Sustainable variants: 100% lyocell, recycled poly, coloreel