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Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. In addition, you get the flexibility of adding your customized design to any article of clothing regardless of size, shape, or fabric. 



With sublimation  there is no color limitation to restrict your designs. It is a quick and easy digital printing method.


With a commitment to value and quality, sPrint Textile Decorations is focused on serving every customer’s needs.

Our care does not stop when you place an order. We want to show our appreciation with a special offer.

FREE EMBROIDERY SETUP for orders of 250 pieces and more all throughout the month of MAY 2017.



Sprint Textile Decorations is looking for new talented colleagues to join our team. If you are motivated and want to be part of a dynamic working environment, then you are perfect for the job!

Check out our opening positions and send us your resume if you have the proper skills for the job.




Sprint Invests Millions in New Machine Park

The Romanian company Sprint has invested €2.4 million in textile screen printing, transfer printing, embroidery and DTG printing, in order to meet the growing demand for solid relationships with existing customers and also to serve new potential customers.



sPrint Textile Decorations is proud to introduce the new printing technique, among the other methods of decoration: Sublimation Printing!

This customization method allows your logos, designs, and, especially, photo-lab-quality pictures to be accurately printed on your chosen products.



But during recent years it became one of the most desired ways of customization in the promotional sector too. 

Jan Meirlaen, from Tajima Europe, set down with sPrint Textile Decorations' DTP team to answer some questions.




sPrint Textile Decorations has a number of packaging styles, so each client may choose. Either with cardboard insertion (so only the decoration design is visible) or packed in bulk, you have methods from which to pick for packing the apparel you want decorated.



27th of March is a very special day for little Seth Lane, and we want to support him from Baia Mare, Romania.

So we dedicate today's entry on our blog to his favorite color - yellow. 




Digital printing – DTG/ Direct To Garment – is one of the most revolutionary techniques in printing.

Axel Stuhlreiter – Application Specialist – from Kornit Digital Europe GmbH, set down with sPrint Textile Decorations DTP team to answer some questions.



In this industry, the threads are a business of their own. An embroidered design can be stiched with so many types of threads. It may be created in a number of ways, depending on what the client desires for the logo/ design.

Every type of thread can be developed in a design, and every design can be used for a design.



There are at least 300 types of clothing fabrics in the world, the ones we counted in our catalogs and on the internet. You can think of a design and we will recommend the most suitable printing method. All five types of printing techniques can be used, no matter what is the design or the product’s fabric.



There are specific color code systems, for screen printingdigital printing and embroideryFor each design we send to embroidery or printing, we color match so the colors on the print will be identical to the desired colors of the client's logo or design.



The processes were to create certain patterns on parts of the cloth in one color; later there were machines developed that would print in multiple colors.

Textile decoration has never achieved such a high quality standard, by order of technology, illustrators and logistics, than in the present day.




sPrint Textile Decorations invited one of our clients' sales teams to learn more about how it is all done. From DTP to quality control and imprinting procedures, our guests were given proofs to create t-shirts and they were submitted to a test.

By familiarizing with the step by step procedures in creating a printed product, our guests were able to understand the complexity of the system.



Decorating apparel businesses with graphic studios have a little bit more to offer, which, in reality, is a lot more. We are here to help our clients resolve all creative dilemmas. A client may always believe he knows what is best for his project, but we can help with designs that might just make it outstanding.

How can sPrint Textile Decorations recreate your brand's logo?



Screen printing has become one of clothing designers’ choices for modern fashionable creations, people in marketing choose printed textiles for promoting events, brand and political campaign slogans or people simply make them just for fun - with their idols, movie punch lines or hilarious quotes and designs.



This method of imprinting is basically science – from the creation of a design to ultimately imprinting it on the attire, it is all about procedures. Being around since the early 10th century, screen printing is a widely spread trend nowadays. 

What would you like sPrint Textile Decorations to screen print for you?!



DTG is one of sPrint Textile Decorations’ methods of printing, and as a designer, you might find it easier to deliver your creations directly on apparel. Or give life to your designs on canvas, you could make a name for yourself in the pop art culture.  

Let us help you grow into a successful business! Or at least a renowned artist…

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