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The process of prepress


Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a business management software we can collect, store, manage and translate data from our production facility, in order to deliver the best services in our field.

Editing, recreating and retouching every little detail until everything is at its right and precise place. The prepress process is a mid procedure in the printing course – after the creation of the chosen design and before the actual printing stage. 

Typesetting, markup, proofing, screening, paper selection are just a few of procedures that might be integrated in the prepress process.

It is necessary to manage the responsibility for each part of the whole process. Mostly, the prepress departament sets the foundation for a succesful printing production. We have well trained personnel, involved in the production process. We are trained to handle quickly and wisely any kind of graphics, to use the right ink for any kind of fabric, to manage every sort of technology.

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  1. With a class A logistics center and a skillful customer service, we ensure your secure order.
  2. We have transportation hubs in major European points. Parcels can be distributed in 48 to 72 hours.
  3. Combining a talented DTP departament with the latest technology, we can create your perfect design.
  4. We are an ISO certified company, wich guarantees that our production is at a high quality standard.

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