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What is screen printing

Screen printing is the technical form of art for apparel personalization.



This method of imprinting is basically science – from the creation of a design to ultimately imprinting it on the attire, it is all about procedures.

Being around since the early 10th century, screen printing is a widely spread trend nowadays. Either being created in bulk for large chain stores and fashion brands, or using designs on apparel for promotional purposes, screen printing is one of the most used printing techniques.

It is not as simple of a process as digital transfer, but it can be more complex when refering to the design printing or the actual printing steps. Either manual or automatic, this procedure is one of the most common and most used ones.

Between the idea and the actual imprint, there are the major steps that need to be followed. Using Illustrator, Photoshop or Corel, you can design whatever you want to imprint – from a painting-like design, a photo of your favorite actor, to a vectorized text.

The next step is the configuration on a screen; the screen is assembled of a frame and its mesh – which has two important aspects: the mesh count (that can very from 15 to 210 threads per cm) and the thickness of the thread. It all depends on the design the client wants printed, the amount of color needed for printing, and the fabric it is printed on. If the design is composed of different colors, then multiple screens are needed, as many as the number of colors.

Washing the screens is the next process, afterwhich drying them in the oven for then to be mounted on the machines for the ink to be added.

The t-shirt, blouse or whatever the client wants printed is placed on the table underneath the screens. The screens are redirected on the specific area where the imprint is desired and fastened on top. The ink is spread on the screen up and down for it to smoothly stick on the garment.

The inked apperal is then dried and or if there is a second or third color to be added, the process starts again.

You would imagine it is a difficult, complex, tiring process, but you are wrong. It is quite simple and not at all time consuming.

Depending on our clients’ designs and desires, we can create a large palette of prints; imprints can be made with gel ink, glitter ink, cracker ink, puff ink, 3D ink or you can choose a mixed print - a combination of just two or all types of prints.


What would you like sPrint Textile Decorations to screen print for you?!

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