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Thread carefully – Small embroidery string guide

Embroidery is an art that people transformed into business. And when it comes to business, there are so many ways of always improving and developing new products.


In this industry, the threads are a business of their own. An embroidered design can be stitched with multiple types of threads. It may be created in a number of ways, depending on what the client desires for the logo/design.

Every type of thread can be developed in a design, and every thread can be used for a design. Whatever the client decides, there is a vast palette of threads that can built up to the specific design required by the client.

From colors, to design, to characteristics of the thread, sPrint Textile Decorations can stitch any type of logo/design. Naturally, because the threads are different in thickness, they have different constructions, so the colors and shades are influenced by the thread characteristics.

The threads are of different sizes/thicknesses, like 100, 75, 60, 40, 30, going up to 12 microns. The size/thickness of the thread decreases, as its number increases, making 12 the thickest of threads, and 100 the thinnest of threads. The standard thread size/thickness (wt) is usually 40 microns for all types of embroidery threads.

We divided sewing threads in five main types; but new thread types can be created by blending the threads, depending on the manufacturer. Pearly colors create a sparkly aspect, while matt colors result in a more rustic clear finish.

The polyester thread is ideal for embroidery, due to its high chlorine resistance. It looks, feel and performs like a nylon article. It can withstand bleaching, hot water and it is usually selected for industrial and sports uniforms, due to its durable and strong nature. Articles embroidered with this thread can be washed at 60-95°C.

The most common of all threads is the viscose Rayon thread, which is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. It gives a wonderful sheen to the design when embroidered. Articles embroidered with this thread can be washed at 95°C.

The metallised thread is a bright and shiny decorative thread. It accentuates decorative stitching and surface design with a rich look, similar to a genuine metallic appearance. Articles embroidered with this thread can be washed at 95°C; it can be washed with heavy-duty cleaning agents, that contain chlorine.

There is the matt thread. Due to its unique construction and special finish, the embroidery thread reflects the true colors in more of a natural light. The thread colors do not fade easily and remain for longer periods of time. Articles embroidered with this thread can be washed at 30°C.

A similar thread is the wool effect thread. It creates a soft and cool effect, due to the high concentration of cotton content. Articles embroidered with this thread can be washed at 30-50°C.

The fabric of the product should also be taken into consideration when embroidering. We usualy take our time with clients to explain the influence of threads on different fabrics. The thread may be washed at different temperatures, but the fabric may not resist at the same temperatures or washing functions. 

What would you like sPrint Textile Decorations to embroider for you?!

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