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Let's talk about inks

Prints have been done since even before the process was given a name. But today, when printing is involved, the inks used are of the utmost quality, for the prints to be our finest work.


As the technology advances, eco-friendly inks can now be used for all types of prints, and sPrint Textile Decorations advocates for eco-friendly ink printing processes.

The screen printing and screen transfer processes and the textile industry have also evolved since the early days; screen printing has become one of clothing designers’ choices for modern fashionable creations, people in marketing choose printed textiles for promoting events, brand and political campaign slogans or people simply make them just for fun - with their idols, movie punch lines or hilarious quotes and designs.

The ink chemists have also been on point; they developed a wide variety of screen printing inks. Water-based and plastisol inks are some of the types of inks used for imprinting on textiles. The inks can be used on dischargeable cotton fabrics to produce exceptional results with bright color development and an excellent soft hand feel. But there are different types of printing.

Depending on clients’ designs and desires, we can create a large palette of imprints. 

Gel ink print - make any type of attire look glossy, fancy. It's a shinny gelled print that has the tendency to glamorize the design and make it stand out. 

Glitter ink print - as the gel ink print, is mostly used to highlight the fabric or a part of the clothing. It is a new and attractive feature, used for embelishing the apparel.  

Cracker ink print - is one of the three prints that uses unique techinques to create its embelished texture. This ink creates a dispersed composition of the design.

Puff ink print - is a diminished 3D imprint, that creates the illusion of an embelished texture, and expands at high temperatures.

3D ink print - makes the prints as visible as possible, being a tridimensional designed printing method.

Gold/Silver ink print - are just as the glitter and gel ink prints, they are noticeable, glamorous and highlight the apparel.

From accurate color matches combined in the ink room to easy and smooth running inks on the press machines, the coloring on the fabric remains clear and firm, although the structure of the print can vary. Using additives or different procedures, like planting a tight screen mesh when transfering a large amount of ink when squeeging, the texture of the prints cand be of five types.

A combination of two, three or all of these types of ink prints can be also created; a mixed print can be a lavish way to make your apparel be more attractive, to catch everyone's eye.

Whatever our clients decide to print, the desired design will result in a strong color development, with excellent details for halftone graphics, good wash, and long-lasting imprints. The smooth or embelished felt sensation with great coloring are the results of our printing.

What would you like sPrint Textile Decorations to screen print for you?!

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