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How to help out the client

When it comes to creating, it’s easy, you just let your creativity to take over the designing program's layout.


Decorating apparel businesses with graphic studios have a little bit more to offer, which, in reality, is a lot more. sPrint Textile Decorations is here to help our clients resolve all creative dilemmas. A client may always believe he knows what is best for his project, but we can help with designs that might just make it outstanding.

When collaborating with clients on developing new designs, it is a little bit more sensitive of a situation. There are two major types of designs meant for printing – simple and complex.

A simple design can be just a one color leaf logo where we will usually suggest using screen printing or screen transfer as printing methods. Depending on the client's budget, we can also use different printing processes.

A complex design is almost an entirely new story. For complex designs, like a multiple color image, rich in details, there is need for color separation firstly in an editing program, if using screen printing; and we might recommend more than just the two methods of printing for complex designs, like digital transfer and direct to garment.

Coming back to the simple type of design, if the logo is vectored, then a graphic designer only has to separate the colors for screen printing, if it is designed in multiple colors. What if the client does not have a high quality logo design? Than we can take care of that too - we will vector the logo for you. Every design will be checked for proper print size and color code matching, either using PMS (Pantone Matching System) or CMYK.

Again, depending on the design, a client may choose between screen printing, screen transfer, digital printing, direct to garment, even mixed techniques – for example embroidery and DTG. We will be here to help our clients understand everything they need to know, to inform them on every type of printing procedure, what printing method suits their particular design.

Promotional printed apparel is most frequently used for marketing purposes, so designs have to be at their peak to attract attention. What happens, though, if a client is not convinced the design will have the desired impact?

That is why we have a graphic studio, for this type of cases. All the client has to do is send in the ideas for the required design, and the DTP department will create from scratch a brand new design. Creating a whole new image takes a little bit of work; coming up with ideas, creating and recreating the same layout over and over until everything looks in its place, and the client is happy.

Editing programs may create magic when it comes to designing, but creating is up to each illustrator.


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  1. With a class A logistics center and a skillful customer service, we ensure your secure order.
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  3. Combining a talented DTP departament with the latest technology, we can create your perfect design.
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