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How the process works - sPrint clients learn the FUN way!

We are devoted to realize our clients’ desires! So we wanted to show them how everything works in our business world.


sPrint Textile Decorations invited one of our clients' sales team to learn more about how it’s all done. From DTP to quality control and imprinting procedures, our guests were given proofs to create t-shirts and they were submitted to a test.

We wanted them to find the answers to “What is screen printing” and "how does every technique work", two of the main topics for clients to know; by familiarizing with the step by step procedures in creating a printed product, our guests were able to understand the complexity of the system.

We believe that the best advertisement is done by satisfied clients. So we wanted to create the opportunity for them to discover the practices.

Our visitors were given a tour of the site, where they observed all the processes for developing a printed product from A to Z; screen printingembroideryDTG and other procedures, the sales team was informed on every technique, and observed a demonstration on a manual screen printing machine. 

Divided in five groups, each member had to assume a role in the team, and develop the t-shirts. Every team had a pre-selected design, and each design had a two layer graphic; they had to follow the step by step procedures they were shown.

Was it as easy as they thought? From the initial procedure to the very last preparation of the production of the t-shirts, the team members were introduced in our business world.

The winning team was the one that had the most correctly printed t-shirt. Wonder how that is done? They had to follow a number of steps for the correct production of the t-shirts, and as the Chinese proverb goes, “the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. Let’s see which is that in their case.


Time pressured, the teams were given the designs for the imprinting and had to follow all steps for one of their products to win. The only possibility to win was for them to collaborate, to be a team, and divide the responsbilities among them.

So the party started for our new friends! 

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