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Embroidered Patches Tell You Stories

The Most Cost Effective Customization You’ve Been Looking For

Embroidered patches are a simple and attractive addition to almost any piece of clothing—but don’t stop there!

Find more unique uses for embroidered patches:

Work uniforms

A traditional use of embroidered patches is on uniforms such as police, fire fighters, or security workers. But really, any workplace can use embroidered patches to display a company logo or employee names on uniforms.

Team spirit

Members of a sports team or club can use embroidered patches on their uniforms, bags or other gear to remind their competitors who they are up against!

Where in the world have you been?

World travelers will appreciate building up a collection of embroidered patches from all their travel destinations. Attaching them to a backpack or jacket can be a great conversation starter about your trips!

Keep it in the family

Planning a family reunion? Instead of the traditional t-shirts or hats, consider getting embroidered patches as a souvenir for all your relatives—or, if your family is big enough, using embroidered patches as nametags!

Add personal flair

An embroidered patch that depicts a personal interest, hobby, or passion is a simple way to turn a basic bag or piece of clothing into something that is uniquely yours and lets the world know who you are.

Show off your accomplishments

Kids will be proud to have embroidered patches announcing to the world that they are a sports star, on the honor roll, or the winner of a school or community award. For adults, think about “employee of the month” patches for your star workers.

Support a cause

Let people know what you believe in! An embroidered patch bearing the name or logo of an organization you support is a wonderful way to generate publicity for a cause that is important to you. As an added bonus, you can support many organizations by purchasing their patches.

School spirit

Students can show off their loyalty to their college or school by displaying an attractive embroidered patch in the school colors. These can also be a simple school fundraiser.

Personalize your bag

We’ve all been there: you get off an airplane and stand by the baggage carousel to claim your black duffel bag… only to see a dozen other black duffel bags. An embroidered patch is a great way to make your bag stand out from the crowd!

Easy gift

Traveling somewhere new? Embroidered patches make great gifts: attractive, useful, and easy to pack for your loved ones back home.

What about you? Where have you used embroidered patches?

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