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Eco-friendly. How we can Eco-sPrint!

In this day and age, it’s a must to preserve water, to use eco-friendly products, to reduce the impact of industries with chemical production lines on the environment- basically to do everything that might reduce the negative impact of industries on our environment.


There are a number of aspects that companies could change to reduce the environmental shock.

In the decorating industry, the influence on the environment can be substantially diminished. To reduce the numbers of affecting elements, there can be quite a large number of factors that could be reestablished, like inks, cleaning agents, equipment etc.

Essentially, sPrint Textile Decorations uses eco-friendly methods for decorating. Maintaining the health of the environment is one of our top priorities.

When it comes to inks, we opted for eco-friendly inks from one of the top ink manufacturers in the world. Wilflex, from Polyone, is devoted to create this type of substances providing easy and helpful solutions for clients who demand only eco-friendly inks, like us.

Eco-friendly water-based inks are among the inks we use; they are defined as those that utilize water as the main solvent. This type of ink generates a soft-to-hand feel. Also, the products are non-PVC and non-phthalate plastisol created; the inks are eco-friendly and comply with international Safety Standards.

We are devoted to lower the impact of our printing activities also by using a closed recycling circuit as part of our production line. The fully automatic cleaning installation system combines the various processes involved in the preparation of perfect screens.

The equipment provides a continuous filtered supply of water. Its main purpose is to recuperate the water used for cleaning the screens and reintegrate it in the system. There is no leakage of solvent vapors during the washing process and it also reduces the solvent consumption. It can otherwise function during the purging process (cleaning process) and it reaches an important reduction level of the gaseous emissions. 

There are, of course, the usual aspects when mantaining an eco-friendly establishment- shutting down equipment when not in use, switching off the light when there is no use for it and recycling.


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