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A Kornit for your thoughts

Flip a Kornit and let things happen; when it comes to DTG, the Kornit is the most viable option when starting a new business or when promoting your business. The process of printing is easy, clear and fast.



DTG is one of sPrint Textile Decorations’ methods of printing. As a designer, you might find it easier in this day and age to deliver your creations directly on apparel. Creating a funny, fashionable or vintage, classic design can be the solution if your aspirations are to become an artist. Of course, you can create painting like art as well. Give life to your designs on a canvas, you might just make a name for yourself in the pop art culture, amoung thegreat artists, like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.  

This is a good way to promote campaign slogans or brand logos. Advertise your business by creating the best imprint design to wear around town - it is the perfect way to make it seen by everyday consumers.

Don’t get defined by standards or limitations.

By using the Kornit imprinting technique you could make a profitable business for yourself. This might be the best scenario for you to launch your business or to establish your brand. Create a vivid design, developed with special pigmented water-based inks, that include CMYK & whites; it expresses the highest level of color compatibility and performance for working with Kornit printers. 

Kornit uses colors based on four colors (CMYK); the software can redefine the file color, taking into account the media dye color. Kornit developed a unique solution for printing on dark garments; after the white layer imprint, the CMYK layer immediately follows up.

It provides a high complexity graphic design and it is of great quality. And the prices are significantly lower than other types of printing.

The equipment helps you more than you might imagine. It is versatile and efficient, clear, clean and easy to print anything you design. Either in one color, or in 10, on polyester blends, lycra, silk, or 100% cotton clothing, the imprint may be done on almost any type of apparel.

This type of business, e-commerce, online shops, can be an all year round craft; you could customize its scheduled collection launches as you want, and create for one seasone, all seasones, or simply as you feel like it, abstract creations. By using the Kornit for promotional products to be imprinted it is an advantage.  

Advertising might also be easier; online ads and campaigns are more flexible to implement and nowadays more accesible to people. And Facebook and Twitter are practically growing out of our mobile phones.

You just have to come up with the ideas, to create and send us your artwork.

Let us help you grow into a successful business! Or at least a renowned artist…

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  1. With a class A logistics center and a skillful customer service, we ensure your secure order.
  2. We have transportation hubs in major European points. Parcels can be distributed in 48 to 72 hours.
  3. Combining a talented DTP departament with the latest technology, we can create your perfect design.
  4. We are an ISO certified company, wich guarantees that our production is at a high quality standard.

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