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Promotional Products

Promotional Products


Divided in two major categories, products are imprinted for particular uses. When it comes to promotional products, there is a difference in the adopted technique, especially due to their short life time.

At sPrint Textile Decorations, we are testing out the products on the market. We use eco-friendly inks.

The promotional products are articles of merchandise used for marketing and communication purposes. They are usually created to promote events, product launches, celebrating milestones, or in campaigns. Used globally, for promoting products, services or events, they can be designed to be gift bags at exhibitions, or perhaps to promote different charity causes.

Their function is to target a certain type of client and to promote a specific occasion; that is why a special technique is used when decorating on the product. The product can be t-shirts, caps, backpacks, pens, staples, mugs etc. 

sPrint Textile Decorations imprints your most unique, personal, distinctive, memorable type of promotional products.






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  1. With a class A logistics center and a skillful customer service, we ensure your secure order.
  2. We have transportation hubs in major European points. Parcels can be distributed in 48 to 72 hours.
  3. Combining a talented DTP departament with the latest technology, we can create your perfect design.
  4. We are an ISO certified company, wich guarantees that our production is at a high quality standard.

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