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Screen printing decoration services


This method is used for printing images or graphic models on different textile items as t-shirts, jackets, hats etc., and also on other different types of materials as fabrics, paper, plastics or metals etc. Also known as silk screen, serigraphy, serigraph printing, this process is done by printing one color at a time, requiring as many screens as the number of colors on the design.

Originating in China, around the mid 900s, it soon became one of the most desired and worn fashion inventions, making it a trend. Guy Maccoy 

is credited for the modern version serigraphy process, which he started working on during the 1930s. Artists, as Andy Warhol, Arthur Okamura

 or Roy Lichtenstein, gained their fame by using serigraphy for printing their designs.


The sizes of the imprints can vary from 0.5x0.5cm up to 40x70cm. If the printing is made on textiles, there are some restrictions.


The gradient thickness line must be greater than 1.5 pct (0.5mm).


The text in positive differs from the negative; it must be greater than 2.5mm height for positive, and 3mm height for the negative.


The line thickness is also different in positive than the negative; it must be greater than 0.25mm for positive, and 0.45mm for the negative.


Texts in both positive and negative must be greater than 5mm, and the line thickness either in positive or negative must 

be greater than 0.35mm.

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