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We trade our quality for your trust! With over 7 years’ experience in the personalization of promotional and commercial products and a rich portfolio of clients from Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and more throughout Europe, sPrint Textile Decorations raises the bar to a next level. 

We can now reveal the new project dedicated to the world of textile printing – the very best technologies for screen printing, screen transfer, embroidery, direct to garment, digital transfer, and other added value services like packaging, relabeling. We are devoted to realize our clients’ desires! We invite you to discover our world: find out who our clients are and which of our projects suits you the best and create your own; discover the best printing method for your product; what the industry is all about; what services we can provide; ask us anything you want, we are here to help you in anyway you need; don't forget about the latest magazine articles that we write for your entertainment; call us, e-mail us and add us to your social media persona, we are your friends.

Our work methods are eco-friendly. Maintaining the health of the environment is a priority to us. We are devoted to lower the impact of our imprinting activities by using a closed recycling circuit which is part of our production line; we are committed to follow the necessary legislative requirements to do so.


Why pick us?

Because we have the quality to provide for your business;
Because we have the knowhow to create what you need;
Because we have an around the world delivery service;
Because we have a 48/72 hour delivery commitment;
Because we have an exceptional price/quality rate;
Because we have an efficient DTP department;
Because we have well trained personnel;
Because we have the latest technology;
Because we have talented illustrators;






And these are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us!



Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a business management software we can collect, store, manage and translate data from our production facility, in order to deliver the best services in our field.
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems licenses are certifying our production at a high quality standard.
Lean Manufacturing is an operative waste elimination process. We assure our clients that we continuously improve our methods by actively engaging in the efforts of developing efficient waste reducing measures.
Our methods are eco-friendly. Maintaining the health of the environment is a priority to us. We are devoted to lower the impact of our printing activities by using a closed recycling circuit which is part of our production line.
Our internal disciplinary quality control system permits us to ensure our clients an almost 100% free of major and minor defects production development. We are regularly in touch with our clients to ask for their satisfaction. We are committed to following the necessary legislative requirements to do so.
 Providing high quality services is what makes the difference. We aim to achieve all our objectives for our clients' best interest.

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Contact info

+40 371 384 482
75 Branduselor street, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania - 430066

More info

  1. With a class A logistics center and a skillful customer service, we ensure your secure order.
  2. We have transportation hubs in major European points. Parcels can be distributed in 48 to 72 hours.
  3. Combining a talented DTP departament with the latest technology, we can create your perfect design.
  4. We are an ISO certified company, wich guarantees that our production is at a high quality standard.

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